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Vibratory Machine

PoliKing® vibratory finishing machines are suitable for deburring derusting, radiusing and polishing of workpiece made from ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and nonmetal with separating unit option and PU/Rubber lining option. It is especially suitable for mass finishing of complex parts with cavity inside and original form and position accuracy of workpiece would be well kept and maintained.


Vibratory finishing machines have been proven to be the most effective form of surface finishing. It now plays more and more important role in the production process of mass finishing, particularly for large amount and large size workpiece.

Specification of Vibratory Machine :
Model Capacithy Dimension MotorPower Weight Rotate speed(rpm) Lining Thickness(mm)
  L L x W x H(mm)  (kw)  (kg)  (mm)
SCBVM100 100 1170 x 1100 x 950 1.5~2.2  320 20
SCBVM150 150 1250 x 1200 x 1020 2.2  360 20
SCBVM200 200 1170 x 1100 x 950 3 400 20
SCBVM300 300 1250 x 1200 x 1020 3.7-5 650 22
SCBVM600 600 2000 x 1800 x 1350 5.5~7.5 1450 26
Note: Parameters based on machine with PU lining, Little change on machine rubber lining.


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