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Porcelain Media

PoliKing® series of porcelain polishing media is mainly used for polishing of surface to achieve a mirror-look with different shapes such as triangle media, ball media, cylinder media, tri-star media, oblique triangle media, etc…


Mirror effect could be achieved by using porcelain polishing media, suitable for all kinds of metal workpiece.


Our complete line of porcelain polishing media strongly enables us to always satisfy our customer's needs fully. Apart from the standard products, we are also constantly developing new products for new applications and supply customized products for customers requiring unique solutions.

Characteristics of Polishing Media:
Material Code Abrasive Hardness Grain Size
High-alumina Porcelain Media HA     1250# -2400#
Yellow High-alumina Porcelain Media YHA V S.T.Y 1250# -2400#
Black High-alumina Porcelain Media BHA     1250# -2400#
Green High-alumina Porcelain Media GHA      1250# -2400#
Coffee High-alumina Porcelain Media CHA     1250# -2400#
High-alumina Special Porcelain Media HAS     1250# -2400#


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