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Fused Blasting Media

BlastKing® ceramic blasting beads is an ideal sandblasting media for surface treatment of both metal and ceramic parts made from fused ZrSilicate.


Shipbuilding:   -Cleaning and finishing of surfaces
                           -Stress-reliving of welds
Casting:            -De-burring of spurs and fragile parts
                           -Cleaning molds, tools
                           -Polishing metal parts
Steel Sheets:   -Surface treatment and mirror processing
Industrial Sectors: -Polishing & de-burring ceramic parts, plastic parts,
                                   mechanical parts, medical prosthesis


The unique production method gives excellent internal crystal structure
properties to BlastKing® ceramic blasting beads. With the advantage of smooth
surface, excellent hardness, optimal elastic properties and great impact
strength, King’s ceramic blasting beads is one of the ideal sandblasting media
for surface treatment to achieve mirror effect.

Specifications of BlastKing® fused blasting beads:
Chemical composition (%):
ZrO2 >65%   
SiO2 >30%   
Others <5%
Real specific weight (g/c.c) 3.90  
Bulk density (g/c.c) 2.35
Hardness (Mohs) 8
Roundness (%) > 90   
Recommended disc speed (m/s) 13 max.
Sizes available (mm) A-007: 0.00 - 0.07
A-125: 0.07 - 0.125
A-250: 0.125 – 0.250
A-425: 0.250 – 0.425
A-600: 0.425 – 0.600
A-850: 0.600 – 0.850

Packing: Net 25Kg per plastic drum or bag, 20MT/20’FCL.


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